Image taken from @emzgalz instagram 

Today I wore my new shoes! With the sun shining and my mules on, 
it felt like spring had finally arrived.o


 TANK MAGAZINE Spring 2014 
 Photography by Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie 
 Styled by Elizabeth Black 

One of the best magazines I have bought recently is Tank Magazine.
Flicking through magazine in WHSmith's today, I thought "do not buy one, save your money." Then... I bought Tank magazine! One that I recognised from following their twitter, facebook and instagram pages, I couldn't resist buying this seasons issue, the first time I had bought Tank Magazine, now up their on my list of favourites! When flicking through Tank briefly I spotted this AMAZING editorial which persuaded me to buy the magazine! 'A step-to-step guide to making a frame seating', talking you through the steps of building a chair including all of the fashion essentials you may need; things such as: a Celine coat, Marques Almeida jeans, J.W Anderson jumper and Prada dress. Along with amazing styling and photography, this editorial includes witty instructions on how to put your garments and accessories to use whilst making the chair.  Overall, a great magazine and one that I would highly reccomend, Tank also includes an editorial spread by Sanna Helena Berger and articles on Chanel couture and Cedric Charlier.


 ZARA Shoes 
 NEW LOOK Skirt 
 TOPSHOP Jacket 

Recently I have been selling many things on depot such as clothing, books and accessories. You can check what I am selling by going to @emzgalz. With the money I have made so far, I am currently in the proccess of reinventing my wardrobe. With spring/summer in mind, I have been purchasing lighter coloured clothing in the colour palette of grey, cream and white. In image above is a few things that I have already added to my wardrobe such as both pairs of shoes and the jacket. Also there are things that I plan on buying within the next few days such as the bra, skirt and a few magazines including Garage.


 THE FRONT ROW Scuba Jacket 
 ZARA Sandals &  Knitted Jumper 

Spring is here!
Now that the sun seems to be out more often, I am introducing more whites and greys into my wardrobe, creating a lighter summer palette.  With the sun shining yesterday I decided to wear my new sandals. I styled them with my favourite white knitted jumper, black trousers, my &Other Stories shoulder bag and my reversible, black and white neoprene jacket.